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BTCP wins hoard initial listing competition

October 7, 2018

The BTCP community continues to kick goals and expand the usability and visibility of Bitcoin Private with another listing. This one is a little different as its the opportunity to be initially listed on the Hoard mobile wallet and upcoming decentralized exchange.

The community has been a little grumbly about these listings but we must all remember that at each outlet we appear on our visibility increases. It does matter how many as much as big or small, visibility is everything and if you’re plastered all over the place you can’t miss being recognized.

The hoard wallet aims to give users a means to not only store multiple cryptos in the one mobile wallet but it also aims to enable the purchase of cryptocurrencies via bank or debit card direct payments.

The wallet also gives you full control over your private keys which is essential for peace of mind. It also will allow for asset swaps with minimal fees and tracking of the value of your cryptos across multiple platforms. 

The hoard DEX is also coming where users can use privately or atomic swap cryptocurrencies. 

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