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New BTCP Website Launches

October 4, 2018

Out with the old and in with the new!! With the hard fork well and truly passed us and the BTCP Rebase being the core focus of the team at the moment it was good to see a bit of web development coming through. The team has revamped the BTCP website, taking down outdated information and moving towards a site reflective of the current iteration of the product. 

All of the critical information is well placed on the homepage like links to the whitepaper the block explorer and the array of wallets for BTCP. The website now has a well-done infographic on BTCP and the principles behind it.

Alongside useful information for BTCP, there is also extensive information on the range of BTCP mining pools that support the community or have been verified by the BTCP team. There is a brief FAQ section and also a press section which includes a branding kit for those wishing to show support via graphics. 

There is more content coming and it is a work in progress!

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