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September 1, 2018

King Arku has been at it again and has us signed up for listing on OKEx! This is a big one as OKEx is the definitive #2 exchange in the world for cryptocurrencies and a great way for us to get listed.

For those who don’t know because there wasn’t substantial premines or an ICO based launch the BTCP community team doesn’t have the huge budgets that ICO launches have. The team did receive some donations and they had a donation mining pool where people could mine ZCL for the team and earn extra airdropped BTCP.¬†

When you go in to vote don’t be discouraged if you see BTCP lower in the rankings, vote anyway as quite often there is vote cheating and botting going on and usually those votes don’t count. Keep focused and vote for the team because even if we don’t make 1st place the fact the community shows unity and a willingness to support the project always pays off in the long term. See the OKEx instructions below:

Click here to see the OKEx tweet for yourself

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