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BTCP wins TopBTC exchange listing competition.

August 22, 2018

The BTCP community has rallied together and pulled ahead at the last minute to win the third phase voting for a listing on

The success of the long running twitter campaign has proven that BTCP does have quite a loyal and supportive fan base willing to dig deep and support the project. Coming on the heels of a close miss in round two the community would not give up and continued to push and promote for the listing.

It would be assumed the listing will include a BTCP pair, but hopefully CNY and ETH pairs would be added. This would add Chinese Yuan to our list of fiat pairs which currently include:
– US Dollars
– South African Rand
– Turkish Lira

Congrats to the community and onwards an upwards as I’m sure King Arku and the other community members pushing these exchange listings have more in store for us to vote for.

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