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Zeltrez wallet windows setup

August 21, 2018

To setup your Zeltrez windows desktop wallet first you will need to download the wallet software from the website here. Launch the zeltrez wallet installer, and watch the magic happen as it installs itself and launches!

First up we need to setup a user account for the wallet, so go ahead and enter a username and a password, confirm it and then click Create Account.

Take note of the warning, and follow it!! write your username and password on paper, keep it somewhere safe. These warnings are for a reason, you cant call a crypto wallet and say you forgot your pin can you reset. You forget your funds are lost so secure it carefully. Once you have done that click on Im aware, sign up!

Now of course enter your username and password and click login, you will see some preset crypto icons and your USD balance. First lets clean up the crypto list, to do so click the profile icon and then click Hide Coins in Portfolio

Click on the cryptos you dont want to show until you have only the ones you want to keep then click the X in the top right hand corner of the dialogue box.

Once you are back at the profile page you can simply click portfolio and return to the homepage. Now click on the + button beside the existing crypto’s labeled Add coin and add the missing coins you want to add to your portfolio, you will need to do this again for each coin you want to add. Once complete you have a nice rounded list of coins ready for depositing.

To deposit BTCP into your Zeltrez wallet just click the BTCPrivate icon and click on recieve

You can click the wallet address to copy it to the clipboard to paste into your other BTCP wallet or exchange account, or scan the QR code directly.

To use or create Z addresses for BTCP you need to switch to full node wallet mode, to do so simply click on the BTCP icon from the homepage, click full node and click Launch full node to start 

The BTCP full node wallet software will setup (can take a few minutes)

Once completed you can then launch your BTCP full node wallet by clicking launch BTCPrivate

Once in the wallet you can click Receiving Addresses and see your private (z) and transparent (b) addresses. You can see your connection status and how many peers you are connected to and the % of the blockchain you have synced. The first time this can take hours to hit 100% this is completely normal.

If you want to import an existing Z address say from a paper wallet, just click tools and enter the private key for your Z address into the wallet and click import

If you were to say navigate away from the wallet back to your portfolio page, just click the BTCPrivate icon to go back to your light wallet, and if you want to go to your full wallet just click full node then launch full node wallet again.

And there you have it, one multi asset Zeltrez wallet ready to accept your BTCP or other common cryptocurrencies.

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