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Zeltrez multi-asset wallet adds BTCP

August 21, 2018

Recently the Zeltrez multi-asset wallet added Bitcoin Private to its array of supported cryptocurrencies. The announcement came shortly after the teams met at CryptoCoinCon with support for BTCP coming soon after.

The Zeltrez multi-asset wallet features a user account system, so you can create your own encrypted wallet or multiple wallets and switch between them. You can customise the wallet too with a background of your choice and trim the list of currencies in your portfolio so you aren’t keeping coins in sync you aren’t using.

The Zeltrez Wallet UI

The wallet also has a built in exchange system through the common and popular Shapeshift Changelly or KyberNetwork exchange apps. You can also run in lite or full mode which means you get the speed mode like electrum for simple and fast wallet access and updates, or the slower but more functional full node wallets which of course means full Z addresses for BTCP users. 

Its great to see a really well thought out desktop wallet for BTCP holders that would generally need a level of BTC/ETH/Tether so you can keep them all in the one combined wallet without using a cloud wallet or multiple heavy wallets.

You can download the Zeltrez wallet here
You can learn more about the Zeltrez wallet here
You can visit the parent project ZelCash here

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