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BTCPPAY – Adding a pay button to wordpress

August 12, 2018

First of all go to your BTCPPAY dashboard and copy your widget code, if you dont have one you have missed some steps, head to the BTCPAY – Creating a widget post first. Your widget code looks like this

Next up create a new page in wordpress, and give it a title. We will use our BTCP Pay demo item page here and drop out pay with bitcoin private button in there! 

Drop into a new content block and click the 3 dots in the top right of the contents box and choose edit as HTML. Paste the code in between the <p> </p>

When you click away from the content box it will say the block is modified externally, thts fine click keep as HTML and click update. Dont worry if it shows and error on the content block thats normal and wont stop it from working.

Now we have a working pay with bitcoin private button from BTCPPAY

As you can see currently the BTCPPAY widget is not yet sending to shielded Z addresses but this is coming with the next full node wallet.

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