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August 12, 2018

At the moment the community is engaged in a number of exchange listing escapades. The ring leader seems to be user king_arku who is on a mission to source and push all the exchange listing competitions that come up. The most promising at the moment is the free listing on where we are well ahead of the pack with a few days to go. Get involved here:

Next up is a bit of a longer running challenge, SONOX a new crypto exchange at which i believe closes voting on around the 25th (depending on your place in the world). This is a very new project but still a promising looking one from a team of young coders.

Cryptaldash is another cool exchange project with an integrated exchange where you can trade there but also cross trade on connected exchanges. BTCP has been submitted for a listing there too. We have a fair way to go but this one is just getting started so get involved here:

That’s the 3 main campaigns going down at the moment, we will continue to give them airtime here and for our readers please take the time to vote. BTCP is not a 20 million dollar seeded ICO, its a raw community project so some of the movement on exchanges is on us. Get involved and help the coin you believe in.

Follow King Arku on twitter if you want to stay on top of the listings too he is always up to something

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